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The mud-bricks are also advantegous in the application process, the application can be made by an adze and the mud plaster only, and does not require a skilled labor power or machinery. This also effects the cost of the application decreasing it to near a minimum value. As Hassan Fathy writes in his book only 3.4 sterlins of a total cost, including mud and labor price, for a room of 3m.*4m. The time needed for application is also another advantage for mud brick, as it is quicker then any material including concrete.

1. masons outline a parabola on the end wall with mud plaster


2. trimming plaster with adze


3. the first brick is laid against the end wall


4. the second course starts with a half brick


5. more mud is laid against the third course


6. the fourth course


7. a third brick completes the second course


8. the third course leans more sharply from vertical


9. the fifth course is completed


10. the first inclined ring is completed


11. masons insert dry packing in the interstices


12. the inclined face of the rings gives support to succeeding courses